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Car & Carriage Package

The Car & Carriage Company is in the unique position of being able to offer the bridal party the horse and carriage even if the distances they need to travel are greater than the horses' range.

We do this by using one of our Classic Cars to collect the bridal party and rendezvous with the horse and carriage closer to the place of their ceremony. Here they will transfer to the horse and carriage for the final leg of the journey.

This will then be reversed for the homeward journey, i.e. the bride and groom will leave their place of ceremony in the horse and carriage and then transfer into the waiting car to finish the journey to their reception.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements -  you are very welcome to come and view the cars and carriages and meet the horses prior to booking. You can also look at our gallery here.

Cars & Carriages - Classic CarriagesCars & Carriages - Classic Cars

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